Xu Jiabao become the first person of international top watch association in mainland China
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March 31, reporters from the "glory for the country, for the bell luster, the seventh generation 'fly ball tester' sensation Swiss International Watch Fair" has learned, Wujin membership watch artist Xu Jiabao on March 20 local time,joined in International Association independent creation officially and becoming the first mainland Chinese people who selected in the world watch industry.
2010 International Watch Fair and Symposium was held in Switzerland Basel Exhibition from March 18 to 25 , as the only guest,Wujin watches artist Xu Jiabao, Li Xiaoju couple with their seventh generation " craft fly ball clock "to participate in the meeting.
This time, a total of 43 countries, more than 2100 artists and watch manufacturers to participate, as well as professionals from 120 countries and regions of the world to visit.
Wherein NO 5 Museum of the work is the top from 22 members of the International Association independent creators, Xu Jiabao’s seventh generation "technology fly ball clock" as the only Asian among the invited works.
During the exhibition, "craft fly ball clock" is eye-catching, its near-perfect appearance and functionality make participants amazing, more than praise.in view of Xu Jiabao made the contribution for the international watch industry, the most authoritative top international watch independent industry organization absorb him as a member especially, President of the Association of Philips? Mr. Ward had a highly commend for the Xu Jiabao couple in induction ceremony. This is the second Chinese and Asian people enroll after Hong Kong Mr. Jiao Dayu. "China Zhong Wang" Xu Jiabao won the award once again for the China and Asia.
It is understood, Xu Jiabao had decided to turn off the watch repair shop which was lucrative, and love flooded residential located in the vicinity of the ancient city ruins hang out "flooded city Grandfather Clock Factory" brand, in May 1985 manufacture a the grandfather clock which was the first use of chain,weight pulling power of advanced technology in China. completed a giant grandfather clock in 1996, and with "the world's largest bell landing" written into Guinness World Records.
"Chinese people created a watch history, for us, how can not be taken lightly!" Xu Jiabao took this phrase as its motto, now victorious return, he said he will continue to innovate,create more miracle belong to part of Wujin, Changzhou.