Some maintenance knowledge about Rolex mechanical watches
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We often need to maintain machines ,also for the watches, regardless of how the price of the watch, often do the watches maintenance which can extend the life of watches effectively , especially for the Rolex mechanical watches, even more so.Here I will share maintenance methods about the mechanical watches.

  • 1. Wearing Rolex watches, the hands sweat on the case is corrosive, it should be wiped regularly with a soft cloth case. When you do not wear a watch, you should mat plastic table care.
  • 2. Try not to open the back cover of the watch arbitrarily, so as to prevent the dust into the movement and affect the normal operation of the watch, if there is such an operation in UNPROFOR period, it will affect your warranty service that you can enjoy at special maintenance center.
  • 3. Do not have a watch placed in mothballs wardrobe,in order to avoid table oil deterioration.
  • 4.Do not put the watch on cell phones, stereos, televisions and other strong magnetic fields, so as not to magnetized and affect it��s gone accuracy.
  • 5. The storage for a watch that does not wear should be winding once a month on a regular basis; Making the parts will not long at rest, in order to ensure that the inner movement of the operation lubrication.
  • 6. If the general mechanical watches is damped, use a dry cotton wool on your watch, then bulb bake 5 minutes, exterior and interior moisture can be evaporated out of the whole.You can be extended the absorption time for the serve damp watch.
  • 7. When you sleep, do not wear watches, especially luminous Replica Watches uk with radium radiation, must come off before going to sleep.
  • 8. Do not adjust the time between 21:00 to 4:00, so likely to cause damage for the watch and calendar jump incorrect. Also you should dial in clockwise when you adjusting the watch, do not dial counter-clockwise, dial watch in counterclockwise is likely to cause the needle pointing deviation (quartz-pin should dial counterclockwise). But also affect the accuracy of the watch.
  • 9. NOTE the waterproof type of your own wear watches , avoid water, avoid wearing a watch to the sauna. Even the dive tables, if the closed circle is aging also will still seepage,
  • 10. To keep watch box, watch box can give the most secure protection in the event when you do not usually wear.