maintenance of the alligator strap watches
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Alligator shape is narrow, hard surface covered with thick scales, is particularly fine grain and tight. Yet rugged, the organizational structure, abdomen and spine portion, side portions vary widely, belly scales, mostly square, relatively flat, soft, white light, and the dorsal ridge of mostly large scales such as beans , there is a lot of pigment on the scales, the inner scales have strong choking bone as a support. Value alligator leather back and abdomen vary greatly, so often the back and abdomen from side split open, make some special treatment according to different requirements.

Alligator strap production process

Whether alligator leather grain form or its organizational characteristics have determined the alligator tanning process differs from other types of tanning process for alligator features, we mainly from reduced wear alligator, gray scales alkali, bleaching , tanning several key technology for process design.

Crocodile leather strap mechanical and chemical materials selection

Due to fine grain alligator, a projection pattern, there are side skeleton structure, in operation, it is easy to scratch the skin abrasions, so around this problem, we mainly made careful consideration from reduced mechanical and chemical materials on the selection.

The main strength of the mechanical action depends on the speed of rotation of the drum rotation time, the size of liquid ratio, so the soaking, the class action we take speed 1-2r / min, liquid ratio of 10 per revolution 2h 2min ; in de category softening operation, drum speed 3-4r / min, liquid ratio of 4 (to hide weight) per revolution 20min stop 10min, total 3h; before pre-tanning chrome tanning, tanning speed 3- 4r / min, initial liquid ratio of 3, the drum stops binding, turn the first 20min, 0.5h after each turn 5min, drum and stop overnight. Chrome tanning and retanning of speed are taking 3-4r / min.

Watch alligator strap maintenance

In general, for the maintenance of the watch belt use 3S principle, the so-called 3S principle refers to the use of the cortex (Skin) compatible lotion, soft (Soft) with a damp cloth, fast (Soon) of dry naturally. Usually should avoid contact with water wristwatch band, accidentally get wet, we should try to put on and other dried later to avoid smelly; sleep is best to strap ventilated place, so cortical cells open breathing; bigger strap winter hardening, appears likely to have a curved shape, then do not fold to avoid damaging the cortex. Also strap dust, use a clean cloth moistened with a little water and wipe dry naturally ventilated place.

If wearing a belt for a long time, heavy smell of sweat, then used a small brush dipped a little soapy water, quickly scrub clean dirty place, then rinse quickly with water, and then dry with cloth, and finally coated with some leather oil can (with sensitive skin, it is recommended not to use any oil on the back), the cleaning process preferably within 10-20 seconds to complete, in order to avoid the infiltration of soap cortex.