The love for Rolex , "the god of basketball" Jordan is no exception
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The brand awareness is high, although it can not be regarded as a first sheet quality and yield is not the most, but it was only capable of taking into account the Rolex. Many people think it changes less, no one thought the same is classic, and even the introduction of new products, there is no negative news too, and even the use of nearly 30 years, the difference for the movement looks little with the one that was leaved the factory a few years, accurate and reliable are may be the secret of it dominate the secret altar table.

In this season's NBA playoffs, the Bobcats (now renamed the Hornets) when the game against the Miami Heat, as the Bobcats (now renamed Hornets) team boss Michael Jordan on the sidelines, he was wearing that. The god of basketball is not the ambassador of Rolex spokesperson or brand , his wearing is out of recognition and love for the Rolex wristwatch , perhaps combined with Jordan his own experience, to be called North Carolina blue.

Although only one for everyday wear, but also classic Joe showed us his huge net worth, While the Rolex Replica Watches is priced at 618,600 yuan in China, the entire watch is made of platinum , platinum is also the world's most precious metal. Since this material has a deep origin with royal, Jordan's wearing is also in line with his basketball great identity.

Unfortunately, this series Bobcats (now renamed the Hornets have) not been able to win down, but are also lost, they got into the fiery state stronger Heat, eat only 0: 4 bitter. In this regard, his career almost perfect basketball gods are incompetent and weak, as a team owner, he can only recruit in the offseason, expect a comeback next season.

Recalling Jordan's basketball career, too much success,he won six NBA titles, six NBA Finals MVP, 5 times a regular season MVP, and almost all basketball fans idol, which also includes active NBA players . Other sports stars there are a lot of people worship Jordan, like the British star David Beckham, Brazilian star Ronaldinho, the Italian star Francesco Totti and Del Piero, etc., etc., which ia a oversized influence, but also his influence to make the world within the scope of NBA concern, the American people to know that most concern is basketball tournament NCAA, not the NBA, most of the American people are concerned about the movement football (NFL), visible Jordan in basketball, the NBA had made a big contribution,the world has been said only two MJ, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan!

Jordan has now joined the NBA Hall of Fame, this is not a decision to make him happy, because when he stood there that he would never be able to return to play again. But he did not leave the basketball, we do not know what the height arrive that he will lead his Charlotte Hornets (renamed)at the the new season , it will break through the first round or not, it worth we to wait.