How long is the quartz watches life
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How long is the quartz watches life? Some customers do not want to buy quartz watches, they think quartz watches life is too short, not durable. In fact, this view is wrong. So, how long is the quartz watches life?

How long life quartz watches

A good mechanical watch can be used for about 20 years, but about every three years between the time when they need to refuel again. Due to wear of mechanical parts, often to repair or replace, timekeeping errors also increases. The Analog quartz electronic wristwatch few mechanical parts, drive torque between the parts of mechanical watches only about 1/300, therefore minimal wear parts, less prone to failure. Life quartz electronic components can be said to be semi-permanent, except once every 3 years or want to change the battery, its lifetime is much longer than mechanical watches.
Electronic digital quartz swiss replica ratches movements assembled from all the electronic components made more than the average life expectancy in the world mechanical long, but it shows the digital LCD screen to see life is generally about five years, to be replaced with new when new; LCD replacement is very simple, as long as the parts, general repair department can be replaced. But simple LCD digital display quartz electronic parts for the poor quality of its service life can not be guaranteed.
Related precautions of quartz watches life
Quartz watch circuit are now becomes the pulse width of the power consumption of the circuit of the output circuit is directly related to the pulse width, the greater width and also the greater the power , usually when the watch is placed on the calendar to change the time or vertical position, circuit to the stepper motor pulse output will become large, so must take the watch off horizontally to do at night.
Any semiconductor silicon materials are very sensitive to temperature, the higher the temperature, the greater the current work. So watch is not place long-term in the vicinity of heating, and any heat sources.
Any semiconductor silicon materials are sensitive to light, especially sunlight, particularly in the liquid crystal display or LCD display + pointer type quartz watch represented, because the light may be transmitted to the watch circuit, which may increase circuit power , so avoid making the watch at the prolonged exposure below strong sunlight.
Humid environment has a harm large for quartz watches, because watch there is no absolute seal, once moisture or humid air into the case, depending on the degree, serious corrosion of steel parts, or at least greatly increase the watch circuit power.
Those who have electric adjustment pointer with trouble, with light, altitude, temperature, guides, additional features of the watch, should try to reduce the frequency of use, in particular alarm sound and light features, its thousands of times power is more than normal power consumption.