China Watch: precarious fifty years
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This year is the 55th anniversary of first piece of homemade watch birthday, if the clock back to 50 years, you know what a meaning for a piece of Shanghai Brand watch?

In the 1960s,the best cars are "Red Flag" in Chinese people eyes, the best-made watches is the "Shanghai."

Country people are proud to wear Shanghai Brand watches: the children are lick their chaps on "Shanghai"watch of their father's wrist; young people feel to have a Shanghai brand watches and it worth living; when you shake hands and men will watching the watch on your wrist; Women also often willing to talk with them determined by whether you have a watch or not; "Shanghai" table has become a status symbol. Then popular saying: If there is no Shanghai brand watch, no girl will marry you.

A "round flour," the Shanghai Brand watches has become a common standards to measure the quality of China family life. Steel machinery, "Shanghai" at the price list is 120 yuan, an average worker needs to live frugally 1 years to afford, even if it is still in short supply. Premier Zhou Enlai purchase a piece of Shanghai Brand watches in 1962 and have been worn on the hand, until the tragic death in 1976, the staff was removed from the body and collected by the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum.

In the shortage materials era, Shanghai brand watch is undoubtedly a luxury consumption. But now, this "Chinese luxury brand" has become memories. The high-end consumer groups wrists has been occupied by the large influx foreign brands watch, but young people who still can not afford the luxury consumer brand opted for mobile phones and other digital products instead of watch.

Starting from the high imitation

Walking down the street, when someone asks the time, we are no longer roll up our sleeves to see the UK Replica Watches, most people took out his pocket phone to seek answers quickly . With the rapid development of electronic products nearly 10 years , watches seemed to be wearing a dispensable product. But if the time back to 55 years, the watch is a symbol of status and wealth definitely ,a logo which a person was respected.

A friend told me that he was hospitalized at late 1950s, an expert style old doctor at the bedside lift wrist for his pulse rate, he saw an old doctor wearing a yellow table (now of course know it was block gold shell table), the entire ward from a doctor, nurse to the patient, are amazed look to talk with the watch, and interpretation of the several versions of the story. And then a nurse in the morning to check the pulse of a patient body temperature test, all carrying a double-bell alarm clock.

In the 1950s, buy watches can be said to be the ideal way of life. Especially in the liberation, except for a few tables outside the shop can be repaired, China's watch industry is still a blank.

In order to solve buy the table puzzle that bring to the Chinese,In July 9, 1955, Shanghai started to modulate the homemade watches according to the imported watches reference ,the watches trial was transferred hundalee, Hendry, the Ming, ZTE, Eastern, and other large bright watches shops and factory technicians and other personnel involved in the repair trial task. This difficult business now seems a mockery, they made a small hand drill, homemade knives, electric fan drive motor head modified with needle restructuring drill with parasol bone, sweater, bicycle strips manufacture of watches axis core, made with alcohol lamp heat treatment. From July to the eve of National Day, dispersion processed more than 150 parts all the focus, cross Nanjing Road Sims watch shop assembled, loaded into a 18 imitation Swiss "Saier Ka" long three-pin, 17 diamond thin waterproof watch horse , bringing an end to the Chinese can not produce fine horse watches history (the so-called "horse" is a key component of the watch, "rou

gh horse" made of steel wire, the liberation of the country has been able to manufacture, easy to wear lead but when allowed to go. "Xi Ma "it is made of diamond or artificial gem).

September 1956, the second batch of 100 watches manufactured trademark as "The East is Red", "peace" two brands. However, after testing, since each unit tested in real like imitation parts different in size, only 12 qualified genuine, 58 defective, 30 rejects,a genuine at 24 hours error is up to 120 seconds, so these watches were not listed. In 1957, Shanghai

established a document about the first set of China's watch production process. After this trial has total 14 batches 3076 watches. March 1958, A581 mechanical watches officially put into operation, registered trademark to "Shanghai brand." This year, China's first watch factory also formally completed, named for the local state-owned Shanghai Watch Factory. In July, Shanghai Brand watches was first listed test at the market.

At the test day, test marketing unit Shanghai third department store like a wedding, as in the window display of the A581 type Shanghai Brand watches samples and describes its performance: 17 drill, steel back, a long three-pin, waterproof, spring open enough to go 36 hours, 24 hours error is less than 60 seconds, 2-year warranty, each priced at 60 yuan. The first test marketing 100 pieces,they was sold out when the door opening. Customers who buy pre-registration, there are more than 1000 people in the morning to register.

After 57 days of the Watch factory in Shanghai went into operation, the Beijing Watch Factory was completed on June 19, 1958. It was only 21 cadres and workers, are drawn from the Xuanwu District, public-private partnerships to watch factory. 9 anniversary of the founding gift to the order, in a fabless, nor device, the next three without funding, by virtue of experience to develop and produce an alarm clock, with the help of Beijing Institute of Technology students and faculty, the mapping in Switzerland "Great Rome" on the basis of the watch, through hard work over three months, in September developed the first batch of 17 watches: 17 drill, sweep, waterproof, shockproof, anti-magnetic, steel case, the registered trademark for the "Beijing brand". But the Shanghai Brand watches and different, when the Beijing brand watch from 1958 to 1961 produced a total of only just over 3000, the output is extremely small, there is no formal heard in the market. However, according to the watch collectors memories, now th

is watch is extremely rare, almost extinct.