Cheap Thailand watch
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Is the Thailand watch cheap? If you travel to Thailand, the watch can be said that is the item must to buy, not only for its complete style and service,but also for the prices are more affordable than interior. Indeed,it is more convenient to buy the watch in Thailand,also has a price advantage, but also pay attention to avoid pitfalls.

Is the Thailand watch cheap? User response

User one: cheaper than domestic, especially the kind of brand-name watches much cheaper than domestic. But if the ordinary watch needs attention, origin, what is the warranty period may be deceived. A friend of mine worked in duty-free shops, said some news. So be careful to buy the watch, after all,the price is expensive.

User two:buy the watch in Thailand duty-free shops will be much cheaper than internal,Thailand is the import and export of electronic products country,so the quality is relatively better, if you buy Tianjun series that are cheaper about 1000 yuan than internal.Also there have many brands that our domestic have not not import and the price are very cost-effective.

User three:here are many duty-free shops near to the airport and Bangkok,

Thailand mall,the watches are also very cheap.

The note of buying the watches in Thailand: brand, origin

To some extent, the origin is more important than the brand. Like say a certain brand of India, he said that no matter how good the advertising is, I do not think there will be too many people interested. On the contrary, a downright German table, without much introduction, as long as you put the kind in his hand that will soon make people feel good value for money. Of course, the most valuable origin is Swiss , such as the rest of big brands,France and Italy also have, but can not resist with the Switzerland. Japanese and domestic? Who are currently still in the "whether the Right" requirements phase.

Many brand ranking in the Internet, much the same, is that Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre, Breguet and other top, Rolex, Cartier, Panerai, Omega, IWC secondly, Tudor, Longines, Tag Heuer, radar again, Hamilton (that everyone is familiar), Mido, Tissot, Seiko, Citizen home at the end, and so on. For the brand i am familiar,there have a word evaluation behind , we can look back.

The note of buying the watches in Thailand: Material

This goes without saying, a look that is understood. Put diamonds, platinum, gold, etc on a table, the price will go up. But it must be noted that table mirror material, usually is not common. Sapphire glass and minerals, as well as the plastic material before, now is met rarely. Sapphire is better than mineral glass, but actually feeling less, feeling a bit deliberately widen the gap.

The note of buying the watches in Thailand: Movement

In general, the Swiss watch is ETA movement, almost all mechanical watches are produced in ETA from Swatch Group, because ETA is also part of the Swatch Group, specializes in manufacturing movement. The most common 2824-2 is to conquer the world, tens of thousands to the table can be seen. But note that the same is 2824, also because of the late grinding and reprocessing exhibit and show the different values,there have wrong to buy and nothing wrong with selling, remember this.

But remind everyone about the material and the movement is a major factor in the price, but if you dare piece of sheet material and the movement of the table mirror model as a major selling point to promote, this table certain level is not high.

These are the introduction of Is the Thailand watch cheap,in fact, the occasions of wearing table is also very important, it is hard to imagine you with a loose extension or G-SHOCK with a suit to participate in social activities, it is impossible to play basketball with Longines fine mist mountain climbing . Depending on select occasions watch, is a science also a pleasure.