Blancpain moon phase watch help "Beijing encounter Seattle Fuji Love Letter"
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Blancpain, for the upcoming national aggressively "Beijing encounter Seattle Fuji love letter" to provide support for exclusive watches. Whether it is refined, Professor Wu Xiubo played, or Wang Zhiwen played by business chiefs, a Blancpain (Blancpain) watch the moon phase are converted to accompany them in a variety of scenarios, throughout, filling the elite style. Even different personalities, different encounters, Blancpain have become the ultimate choice of the dramatis personae, and witnessed their love life and career transition.
For the elite seek a balance between the two operating life and enjoy living it, a senior watch watch how important both daily necessities, but also personal ornaments;? It is more low-key than a senior apparel than once overseas travel is more durable. It is always a "statement piece".
Top watch, on the premise perfectly meet the above two properties, it implies a strong sense of self-identity and the pursuit of upward mobility. In the elite life advanced in the process, "I should have a top watch it?" Is ask a doomed occur. If the answer is yes, then what kind of a watch is the right choice?
Professor refined, ideal love (Wu Xiubo played): Blancpain long power 28 full calendar moon phase watch.
Wu Xiubo played Daniel who live in Los Angeles was a gentle overseas elite. His gentle, erudite, with their extraordinary insight and smooth writing, merged into a more closed affectionate love letter impressed Macao living in beautiful heroine. Before seen the man, the heroine in mind Daniel, was a university professor knowledgeable. His wisdom, humor, careful, gentle.
The taste exquisite, refined gentleman demeanor, wear is a Blancpain long power on the 8th full calendar moon phase watch. Known as "the most classic moon phase watch" Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch, creatively "time" behind the scenes manipulator of the moon phase, and with the sun and the moon run deduced from the three calendar binding, fully demonstrated the wrist time complete details of the process and to attain life's regrets. Long on the 8th power, but also provides a great convenience, it can be described as the classic of practical choice. This watch with the heroine imagined professor image is very fit, with Professor Wu Xiubo for similar image quality refined gentleman made a great demonstration.
6639 is equipped with automatic movement Cal.6639 which is one of Blancpain (Blancpain) long power proud self-movement, it has up to 192 hours of power reserve, while supporting full calendar moon phase function, waterproof up 30 m.
Blancpain "signature style" Aesthetic Style, perfect dial layout
This 6639 watch dial visually soft and moist, beautiful layout balance, month and week window centered symmetry, with six bits Smart echoed moon face, it is a memorable one.
Pointer Road
Blancpain willow-shaped hollow pointer with its elegant, all in one rad is the industry's widely praised, more "the first needle" reputation. Hours, Minutes pointer already slim, but do hollow handle, so light and then light; a serpentine top blue steel hands, with "curved arc" process, the length is just fit inside of the date ring, so that the reading time more efficiently .
Sophisticated technology details

Dial from outside to inside, the brand's unique time scale is no simple Roman scale printing, polishing its smooth, thick texture precious metal materials, intermediate waist design, the three-dimensional modeling has caused, brilliant.
Nuanced polished
Blancpain movement polished fully reflects the brand of excellence, watchmakers inner corner outer corner of each small parts, the inner edge of the outer edge, without exception, be meticulous hand-polished, extremely complex multiple visible down angle grinding technology.
Business chiefs, mature (Wang Zhiwen played): Blancpain long power 28 calendar moon phase Replica Watches
Another important role played by heavyweight old drama of bone, Mr. Wang Zhiwen also choose to wear Blancpain (Blancpain) watch in the film to a wealth of free, mature, middle-aged boss aggressive image of the show, he would choose which watch, accompanied by a "romantic encounter" between Tang Wei and his interpretation of it?
The answer is Blancpain (Blancpain) under the command of classical Villeret classic series of high-end of the phase of the moon for - perpetual moon phase watch.
Equipped with one of the three advanced watchmaking technology complex calendar function and the iconic moon face and a small second hand, this watch can be described as heavyweight select Blancpain (Blancpain) phases of the moon. Regardless of function, also, or taste, are played with Wang Zhiwen successful man image complement each other. On such a classic watch, we can find the perfect balance of rational and emotional.
Stable and reliable movement
Wang Zhiwen movie wearing Blancpain (Blancpain) Villeret series moon phase calendar table equipped with a self-winding movement brand Cal.5939A, the movement consists of 379 parts, power reserve of up to eight days. It is well known Gregorian calendar (Gregorian calendar) complex, varying the length of the month, the middle will be interspersed leap year, while Cal.5939A movement not only ensures the watch which is displayed in the calendar year 2100 completely without adjustment , as well as large and small seconds at 6 o'clock month phase display provides additional impetus for the busy business people eliminates worries. Its movement safety device, so that the wearer can feel at ease with no fear to adjust the day, date, month and moon phase display, but will not cause the slightest damage to the movement, to meet all of the mechanical watchmaking harbor the highest pursuit of persons demand.
Unique patented technology
In addition, Blancpain (Blancpain) introduced onto 42 mm diameter case is still brand patent, placed below the lugs hidden correctors. Four practical adjustment button while the watch is worn on the wrist, implicit rather than now, in carrying double bezel side of the case to create a smooth lines, clean and beautiful visual effects. In addition, the wearer can also adjust the tool aside, just fingertips you can easily adjust the date and moon phase display, greatly increasing the fun of playing. Back of the case is more open with bright sapphire crystal case back, exquisite decoration and embellishment movement honeycomb pattern pendulum Tuo Jieke glance.
Large fire enamel process
As a representative for the classic series of complex phases of the moon, this watch's dial is also crafted with special fire enamel artistry . This is an extremely delicate decoration which requires extremely high temperatures in the kiln after firing repeatedly reinforced during production. So baked enamel surface is different from the ordinary white Qipan with jewel-like luster, color and light texture of the glaze warm fresh, great vitality, low-key in highlighting the extraordinary status and taste.
Humane impeccable details
Dial continued Blancpain (Blancpain) "signature style" Aesthetic Style - willow-shaped pointer, double round bezel, Roman hour markers and blue steel snake scale pointer. Visual layout of the entire disk balance beautiful, day, date and month have caused small dial Leveling glance; six o'clock bit mysterious moon face eyeing one side, he revealed Unspoken charm. These are beautifully clever design greatly enhances the readability of the dial, giving the wearer the best visual enjoyment.
In addition, the watch is also equipped with a sophisticated design special wooden Replica Watches uk, watch box load transfer table device, ensure that the watch in the case of not wearing the same can also be kept accurate travel time. The table is more a case of unexpected special function - removal of internal components will instantly become a fine cigar box, which is a lot of experienced collectors praiseworthy, fully demonstrated "when the founder of the classic meter" Blancpain (Blancpain) innovative watchmaking tradition.